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A quiche consists of a crust and a custard. The custard contains cream, eggs and cheese, so something to be aware of if you have food allergies. It is a savory dish where the custard can contain a number of varieties of vegetables and meats. It’s popular in many countries and can be served hot or cold for lunch, dinner or even breakfast.
Whole ingredients. Real cream. Real eggs. We look to use as many ‘clean’ and wholesome ingredients as we can find ensuring that the food you feed yourself and your family is satisfying and nutritious. And we do not use any fillers.
We use honey! A natural sweetener that adds a bit of ‘sweet’ to a flaky trans-fat-free crust.
Good question! Because of the way this is produced, by hand in our Agawam Massachusetts facility, it creates a more unique presentation so you can see the layered quality ingredients when it is sliced. And we pre-slice it for you for easy Grab N Go preparation or for behind the deli glass. Makes an awesome center of the plate meal, too.
Many of our ingredients are in fact sustainably sourced. This is something our procurement department is working on to continually improve to ensure you are receiving the best tasting and socially responsible product.
It’s all about our amazing employees! We are proud of our low staff turnover and because of it, we retain their many years of experience and culinary expertise. We have a great team that truly cares and it shows in every pie we make.
Not a problem! Please click on the links below for detailed heating instructions…
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